Security at local airports ramping up after Paris attacks

Monday, Nov. 16, 2015
Lorena Incl?n

With a long rifle in hand, an airport police officer stood firm near the security checkpoint at the Jacksonville International Airport Monday.

“Flying since 9/11 has been inconvenient, so we are used to it,” said Dennis Maxwell, a traveler.

Action News Jax sat in on a planned security meeting at Jacksonville Aviation Authority Monday. The attacks in Paris almost immediately came up.

“Everything that happens in the world is of a concern,” said Steven Grossman, CEO of Jacksonville Aviation Authority.

Action News law and safety expert Dale Carson said airports have become more difficult to attack, but there is still one major threat that may come from other sources.
“It is the support, the maintenance, personnel, the people who come in and bring food to the airport. Those are the things and, of course, our luggage that needs to be checked more thoroughly,” Carson said.

Grossman said the insider threat is something taken very seriously.

“We set up checkpoints so that every employee has an expectation that they can be searched on any day,” Grossman said.

But as for the traveling public, they will see more security in light of recent events in Paris and as they gear up for the holiday season.



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