JAA to put Craig back into Arlington airport's name

World War II Navy aviator James Craig will remain the namesake of Craig Airport.

Last year officials with the Jacksonville Aviation Authority announced the  airport's name would change to Jacksonville Executive Airport. The decision angered people who thought it was disrespectful to James Craig, a  Jacksonville native who died aboard the USS Pennsylvania during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.

On Tuesday JAA Executive Director Steve Grossman said Craig would remain as part of the airport's name.

It will most likely be changed to either Jacksonville Executive at Craig Airport or Jacksonville/Craig Executive Airport, Grossman said.

He will ask the airport's board of directors to approve a new name at its next meeting on Jan. 24.

The airport touched base with the community before the name changed was announced, and didn't get any pushback.

"I think the mistake we made was that no one knew who Craig Field was named after before we did this," Grossman said.

Once people learned about him, they didn't want the name to change, Grossman said.

Grossman will address the issue Thursday night at a town hall meeting at the Police Athletic League Cafeteria at Ed Austin Regional Park.  The meeting was called by city council members Clay Yarborough, Bill Bishop and Richard Clark.

The Times-Union will have more information on this meeting in Thursday's edition of the newspaper, and Wednesdsay night at Jacksonville.com.



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