Major projects at Cecil Airport bring jobs and business to city

May 31, 2013
Alyana Gomez

The sequester threats to cut air traffic control towers have subsided, leaving airports like Cecil airport to start making way for bigger and better things.

They have the third largest runway in the state of Florida, at more than 12,000 feet, and beside it is where future development projects will take place. The Cecil airport is rolling out some big changes, hoping new business opportunities will swoop in.

"We are in the process now of clearing out 150 acres on the east side of the runway, so we can begin building the infrastructure and the taxiway access," said Debby Jones, Community Relations Administrator of the Jacksonville Airport Authority.

Another blank slate nearby, could be the start to a 21st-century commercial spaceport, and that's not all. On June 24th, they'll unveil a new hangar, and that same day aircraft service company Flightstar will break ground for the building of its hangar. The Vice President of Business Development of Flightstar says it's long overdue.

"We hope to add at least four, possibly six lines of additional maintenance with that hangar. We're kind of in need of it right now. We're running full, and we've been running full for almost a year," said Timothy Bergin.

About 150 jobs will open up, and once his facility is complete, 350 more positions will be available.

"It's a vibrant airport, a lot of activity, a lot of opportunity for jobs and growth," said Jones.



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