Safety and Security

Safety & Security

Jacksonville Executive at Craig Airport (JAXEX) takes a proactive approach to aviation security with an airport watch program, security training, access control measures and regular law enforcement patrols. The focus is to encourage voluntary reporting of security issues and events that come to the attention of all airport users. In addition, a security consortium has been created consisting of tenants and stakeholders. 

JAXEX utilizes several resources including the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) “Security Guidelines for General Aviation Airports” and the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association’s (AOPA) airport watch program when implementing security procedures at the airport.    

Airport Badging Information

Access to secured areas is restricted to individuals with approved JAXEX airport badges. For more information on how to obtain a JAXEX badge, contact operations 904-641-7666 or email

If you see something, say something!
Airport security is everyone’s responsibility. To report any suspicious activity, concerns or problems please contact 904-741-2040. 


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