No major incidents with bird strikes at JIA

May 25, 2012
Eric Spivey, First Coast News

It can be a scary and dangerous situation - a bird striking an aircraft. Sometimes it happens on takeoff, of just off the ground, when a bird might go into an engine.

"If an aircraft is in danger, our police department would augment our plan and would come out and would take lethal measures if needed," said Christopher Styles of the Jacksonville International Airport.

A bird damaged a plane in Arkansas, and a plane had to return back to Washington Dulles after taking out an engine.

At Jacksonville International Airport, there have been no major incidents recently.

But they are on watch.

"Normally, when we see birds on the airfield we scare them away and push them off the airfield," Styles said.

Since January 1, the airport has had 13 birds strike aircraft. And since there have been no major incidents, they don't have to hire a wildlife biologist.



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