The Jacksonville Aviation Authority hits a big milestone

By Alyssa Spirato
October 21, 2011

It’s a big milestone for The Jacksonville Aviation Authority as they celebrate 10 years as a separate entity.

“We can focus on aviation. That was not possible in a multi-mogal port authority that existed prior to that time,” says CEO of JAA Steven Grossman.

Grossman says since the split, both the Jacksonville International Airport and Cecil fields have come a long way. With JIA, he says the facility enhancement program terminal that has been in the works for years, is something he says the city can be proud of. “People get off the airplane, they know they’ve come to someplace very special,” says Grossman. Along with the terminal, he said that they have expanded their routes, which has been very successful.

He also said that Cecil Airport has also come a long way. “Over these last 10 years, we have managed to lease out every square foot of building that we inherited, about 1.3 million square feet,” says Grossman. As for a long-term goal for Cecil, Grossman says he would like to handle both aerospace and commercial space activities in the future.

The Jacksonville Aviation Authority board of directors and executive staff will be holding a news conference Monday, October 24 at 11 am to reminisce on the past 10 years, and discuss their next steps for the future.



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