Three in the air, one in the nest

Last year we completed three projects at our studio installing two here in Colorado and one in Los Angeles. We’re also working on our first airport public art commission for the Jacksonville International Airport in Florida that will be installed in March. The size of this project made us have to expand into a larger space to construct the parts and pieces of it that will then be put into a large eighteen wheeler and sped to it’s destination for the install.

In August we began constructing the frameworks for “Sky Bridges” for the Jacksonville International Airport. The long arched triangular trusses were assembled at our home studio outdoor workspace and quickly took over our small yard while we looked for a larger studio to work in. After a couple months of looking all over Boulder and surrounding communities we finally found an ample and well lit auto showroom that was perfect for our needs.

With a great crew of studio assistants we are now in the final stages of fabrication covering the trusses with mirrored and light reactive materials that will transform the connector bridge of the airport for travelers heading to the concourses from the main ticketing area. We’re excited about the project and trying to imagine the total light effect of the work in the space.



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