JIA anticipating heavy holiday travel on Sunday

November 25, 2015
Roger Weeder, First Coast News

A security reminder is part of the landscape this Thanksgiving for air travelers: If you see something, say something.

The day before Thanksgiving traditionally has been the busiest travel day at the airport, but that is changing. More people are traveling earlier in the week, Jacksonville Aviation Authority spokesperson Michael Stewart told First Coast News.

Stewart said Sunday will be the busiest day at Jacksonville International Airport with 20,000 people either leaving or returning to Jacksonville.

When it comes to security, the movement and visibility of security officers is not predictable.

"The frequency of police carrying different types of weapons, where they are located, is security sensitive information," said Stewart.

Among those in the air Wednesday was Mary Jane Ravenscroft, who was on her way to Texas for the holiday weekend.

When asked about flying and security, the frequent flyer believes she is in good hands. "I think they're doing a great job as far as far as security. I think we are. I feel safe," she said.

Source:  http://ow.ly/VnZ4u


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