Airport Advertising

Jacksonville International Airport Advertising Opportunities

Advertising at JAX gives companies the ability to get their message where it matters. Unlike traditional mediums, airport advertising is unique, flexible and fun. More importantly, it’s an opportunity to advertise to an audience of 8 million each year.

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Approximately 50 percent of those traveling through the airport earn more than $75K annually. On average, these individuals spend 90 minutes in the terminal before a flight. Does this sound like your company’s target market? 

Unlike many airports throughout the country, the in-terminal advertising program at JAX is completely managed by airport staff, without any affiliation to a third-party company. Some additional benefits to this approach include: 

• On-site representation - We provide quick responses and turnaround times
• Superior customer service - We focus on one airport system to devote more time to you
• Adaptability with displays - Interested in something we currently don't offer? Just ask!

Check out these resources to get started:

Media Kit (pdf)

For inquires contact: 

JAA Business Development


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