New "Celestial Playground" Mural by Artist Amy Cheng At Jacksonville International Airport

July 3, 2013

Taking off to travel the “friendly skies”? To ease the tensions created with security screenings and delayed flights, at JAX you can ease the grind with dynamic art. Popular permanent installations such as Hoy es Hoy, Sky Bridges, Silver Rain, Gotta Go, The River and now “Celestial Playground,” a mural created by New York Artist Amy Cheng surrounding the courtyard restroom area and water fountain stations. “The murals visually reference the sky, the heavens, and the cosmos,” said Cheng. “Celestial Playground is designed to impart to the viewer a sense of lightness, a feeling of joy.”

Because of its impressive and award-winning public art program, JAX was recognized in recent years by the London Observer as one of the best airports in the world to be stranded. Only three other airports were included on the list. The others were London's Heathrow Airport, Seoul Airport in South Korea and Amsterdam's Airport Schiphol.

“JAX airport was one of the first to institute an arts program back in the 90s,” said JIA Arts Commission Coordinator Allie Gloe. “JAX continues to be a world-leader in the arts, as we strive to celebrate culture and perception that brings about calmness, wonder and inspiration, which are all emotions nicely fitting for travelers in an airport.”

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