Incentives approved for Embraer

The Jacksonville Economic Development Commission unanimously voted Thursday morning to give Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer $150,000 in tax incentives if it brings 50 jobs here.

Embraer said it could invest $3.8 million in a vacant 40,000-square-foot hanger at Jacksonville International Airport to assemble turboprop light attack aircraft, known as Super Tucanos, if it receives the $950 million contract from the U.S. Department of Defense. Embraer Aircraft Holdings Inc. President Gary Spulak said the company expects to know if it won the contract by the end of June.

The average salary of Embraer’s potential workers is about $49,500, and the nature of the work makes the company eligible for a tax benefit of $3,000 per job through the state’s qualified industry tax refund program. The City of Jacksonville would pay for $30,000 of the incentives, with the State of Florida picking up the rest.



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