Gov.-Elect Talks Jobs At Town Meeting

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Gov.-elect Rick Scott discussed jobs and other issues with aviation industry workers Tuesday morning at a town hall meeting at a business at Cecil Commerce Center.

It's all part of Scott's "Let's Get to Work" jobs tour, following up on a campaign promise to add more than 700,000 jobs and boost the state's economy.

His first town hall meeting in Jacksonville since his election in November was held at Flightstar Aircraft Services. After brief remarks, he took questions about taxes, utility rates, education and other subjects from about 100 people, mostly employees of the company.

"Look at the ports, look at Cecil Field, there's a lot of reasons people want to be here. This is a great community, this community is very business oriented," said Scott. "I'm going to work with the local economic teams and figure out what are the logical businesses to come here and then we're going to go talk to them."

Scott referred those in attendance to his web site for more information on his plan for education, job growth and health care, as well as to apply for a job with the state.

"You can get on there and give us your ideas, you can get on there and apply if you want to apply, if you want to be a part of state government," said Scott.

Scott will spend the rest of the week meeting with people across the state. He is expected to make a walking tour of small businesses on Marion Avenue in Lake City on Wednesday morning.



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