Jacksonville International Airport's Arts & Media Day

July 8, 2013
Article by Ennis Davis, AICP

The Jacksonville Aviation Authority (JAA) was established in 2001 by the Florida legislature and is governed by a seven-member board. The JAA operates Jacksonville International Airport, which is funded through user fees instead of local taxes. Quietly, the Jacksonville International Airport Arts Commission has worked diligently to create an impressive and award-winning public arts program throughout the airport where many visitors experience our community for the first time. Taking advantage of an invitation from Tucker/Hall's Account Coordinator, Megan Dodd, Metro Jacksonville had the opportunity to participate in the airport's first-ever Arts and Media Day tour.

According to Arts Commission Coordinator Allie Gloe, "Jacksonville International Airport was one of the first to institute an arts program back in the 1990s. JAX continues to be a world-leader in the arts, as we strive to celebrate culture and perception that brings about calmness, wonder, and inspiration, which are all emotions nicely fitting for travelers in an airport."

Apparently, their work has not gone unnoticed.  Because of its impressive and award-winning public art program, the airport was recently recognized by the London Observer as one of the best airports in the world to be stranded. Others on that list were London's Heathrow Airport, Seoul Airport in South Korea, and Amsterdam's Airport Schiphol.

With this in mind, here is a brief look at the impressive collection the airport has assembled over the last decade.

For the more than (five) million who pass through Jacksonville International Airport each year, JIA is more than a building of function. As these images illustrate, the Public Art Program invites visitors and residents alike to explore the city’s cultural and artistic treasures. For more information, visit http://www.jiaarts.org/

Source: http://bit.ly/12fB1Lj


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