Memorial day weekend travel tips

Wednesday, May 22, 2013
Paris Carerra

Pack your patience if you're flying out of town for Memorial day weekend or picking up friends and family.

Debbie Jones with Jacksonville Aviation authority says JIA expects to see an increase in people flying this weekend.

"Traditionally the Memorial day weekend is pretty busy."

Jones says there are things travelers can do to make their trips more enjoyable. She recommends giving yourself plenty of time to get to the airport, park, check your bags and make it through security. She also recommends checking your flight status in case of any delays. Jones says she expects the airport will start getting very busy soon.

"In addition to it being Memorial Day weekend, it's also the Jacksonville Jazz festival."

She recommends if you haven't flown in a while check the TSA website to learn more about restricted items you can't take with you as carry-on. She also says you need to arrive at the airport at least one hour and a half before your flight is scheduled to take off. Jones says passengers should also keep in mind their airline carrier may have a time cut-off for checked bags, so give yourself plenty of time.



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