TSA offers tips to expedite screenings

November 19, 2012
Rick Wilking/Reuters

Holiday travels can be a hassle. That's why the Transportation Security Administration has recommendations to make it easier for passengers to expedite the screening process.

TSA first suggests travelers pack appropriately.

"For a passenger to save up to one minute, that kind of thing by the end of the year adds up to hours and hours and hours of extra screening," said Ed Goodwin, federal security director for TSA.

At Jacksonville International Airport, TSA offered a list of suggestions to cut down the wait time for travelers.

Officials recommend travelers not carry wrapped gifts, only bring 3.4-ounce liquids that fit in a 1-quart bag, and double check luggage for anything that might be considered a weapon.

"What we always tell passengers is, before you pack your back, unpack your bag, take everything out of it," Goodwin said.

"We try to follow the rules before we get there and it works out. We get through quick," traveler Wendy Fancher said.

In addition to avoiding prohibited items, travelers should be aware.

"You know, look, listen and be alert, and just have your important papers with you at all times," traveler Terry Sweeney said.

For information on TSA Cares, a program designed to help travelers with disabilities or in need of medical help, click here.

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