Cecil Airport opens new hangar, its biggest constructed to date

Dec 3, 2014
Richard Webner

Flightstar Aircraft Services, which will occupy the new hangar, says the facility will allow it to add 250 to 300 jobs

Cecil Airport opened a new hangar Tuesday to be leased by Flightstar Aircraft Services, which says the facility will allow it to create about 250 jobs.
The 113,000-square-foot hangar is the largest that has been built at Cecil, according to a news release from the Jacksonville Aviation Authority. It cost about $27.5 million, split evenly between the authority and the Florida Department of Transportation.
The new jobs, which will be formed over the next 12 to 18 months, will include about 200 mechanics and technicians and 50 support personnel, including managers, engineers and delivery workers, said Chris Long, a business development executive at Flightstar.
Flightstar, a Jacksonville-based company that provides maintenance and repair for commercial aircraft, already leases two hangars at Cecil Airport and has more than 1,100 employees, according to the news release.
“The JAA has invested a great deal over the last two decades to improve the infrastructure and facilities at Cecil Airport,” said Steve Grossman, the authority’s CEO and executive director. “The result is that companies like Flightstar can continue to expand and be successful.”
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