JAX Airport Art Highlighted by London Observer

JACKSONVILLE, January 11, 2011 – Jacksonville International Airport (JAX) has recently been ranked as one of the top four airports in which art adds to the overall experience of travelers.  

The other three airports on the London Observer’s list were Seoul Airport in South Korea, London’s Heathrow Airport and Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.  

JAX received this recognition largely because of the public art that lines the walls of the airport in the Haskell Art Gallery where travelers can view a wide variety of artwork, and the new Observation Gallery currently exhibiting displays commemorating the 70 year history of Naval Air Station Jacksonville. 

“We’re thrilled to receive this type of recognition and to know that our efforts to produce the best travel experience possible are appreciated,” said JAA Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, Steve Grossman.

In addition to the two galleries, permanent art adorns the airport’s entrance roadway, ticketing and baggage claim area, restroom entrances in the two concourses, escalator space, large windows at the end of each concourse and the connector walkway between the two parking garages.

In March, a new, prominent art piece will be installed over the recently opened walkway between the ticketing area and center courtyard. Kiosks used to display temporary exhibits will also be installed in the walkway and post security in the concourses.

JAX was one of the first airports to institute an arts program back in the ‘90s and public art on display at airports is now becoming a growing trend internationally. The wide variety of artwork, which has been assembled by the Jacksonville International Airport Arts Commission, offers a unique pastime for travelers and visitors alike.


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