Cecil Airport Improvement Project Wins Top Honors from the Florida Department of Transportation

Jacksonville, July 28, 2016

The Jacksonville Aviation Authority announced that Cecil Airport has won General Aviation Airport Project of the Year from the Florida Department of Transportation for development of the eastside of the airport. 

The purpose of the Eastside Roadway and Taxiway was to open up the east side of Cecil Airport to future development. The taxiway, designed for the largest aircraft anticipated to use the airport, extends 1,000 feet east and 3,000 feet north from the end of Runway 18L.

The roadway, located 1,500 feet east of the taxiway, extends 1,200 feet south from 103rd Street.  The roadway work also included extension of utilities.

The Eastside Roadway and Taxiway Project also included 150 acres of clearing between the two facilities for future development.

The total project cost for the taxiway was $4.1M, and was funded at 88 percent by the FAA, 6 percent by the FDOT and 6 percent by JAA. The roadway and clearing cost was approximately $3.8M, and was funded by FDOT at 41 percent and JAA at 59 percent.

Each year FDOT recognizes “superior” achievement in both General Aviation and Commercial Service airport projects by selecting the Airport Project of the Year in each category. Among the criteria for selection, the project has to contribute to the mobility of people and goods, contribute to the well-being of the community, demonstrate resourcefulness in planning, provide benefits to the physical environment and be cost effective. 

“This is wonderful recognition of the great work produced by our JAA staffers and our consultants and contractors,” said JAA CEO Steve Grossman.  “This project positions Cecil Airport for continued growth and job creation.”

Jacksonville-based engineering firm RS&H assisted JAA on the project.  


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