JAA Announces Aviation Leases at Two Airports

JACKSONVILLE, FL - August 23, 2010 – The Jacksonville Aviation Authority (JAA) today approved an option to lease a hangar at Jacksonville International Airport (JAX) and a lease for a recently built spec hangar at Cecil Field.

JAA board members unanimously approved to give Brazilian airplane manufacturer Embraer an option to lease a 40,000-square-foot hangar at JAX.  Embraer is one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world focusing on specific market segments in commercial, defense, and executive aviation.

Whether or not Embraer takes the option at JAX is dependent on the company successfully landing an aircraft contract with the Department of Defense.

“We are glad to extend a leasing option to a well-known and diversified manufacturer like Embraer,” said Deborah Pass-Durham, Chair of the JAA Board. “Brining international clients to Jacksonville is key for the continued growth and development of our airport system.”

In addition, the board approved leasing a recently completed spec hangar at Cecil Field to the United States Navy. The hangar complex, which consists of a 13,983-square-foot existing office building, 22,680-square-feet of newly constructed hangar space and over 44,000 square-feet of ramp space, has an annual rent of $240,190. 

The Navy will use the facility for maintenance and repair of its aircraft.


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