JAA Rules & Regulations

The purpose of these Rules and Regulations is to protect the public health, safety, interest, and general welfare of the Lessees, Sublessees, Operators, Permittees, and Users of Jacksonville International Airport (JAX), Cecil Airport (VQQ), Jacksonville Executive at Craig Airport (CRG), and Herlong Recreational Airport (HEG), and to restrict or prevent any activity or action which would interfere with the safe, orderly, and efficient use of the Airports. These rules apply to all Airports unless otherwise designated. 

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JAA Rules & Regulations -  Appendices and Amendments

Appendix C 
Solicitations, Picketing and Related Activities

Appendix D
VQQ Hunting Areas

Appendix E
Spill Response Chart

Appendix F
VQQ Wash Facility

Appendix G
VQQ High Power Procedures

Appendix H
VQQ Sling Operations Area

Appendix I
GA and Airline Rates and Charges

Appendix J
JAX Terminal Evacuation Plan

Appendix K
JAX Terminal Guidelines for Tenants

Appendix L
VQQ Explosives Site Plan

Appendix M
Delegation of Authority and Contact Information

Appendix N
VQQ Fire Pump Run Request

Appendix O
VQQ Hot Pit Aviation Fueling

Appendix P
Ground Transportation Policy

Appendix Q
Dig Permit Request

Appendix R
Special Events/Special Activity



Amendment 1 - AVIATION FUELING SECT 8 AUG 2013  (pdf)

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JAA Badge Application


Directions to JIA

Certifying Official Packet


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