Since 2011, JAA’s Cornerstone of Culture has existed and operated as ambassadors of F.A.I.R., which is the decision matrix for life within JAA’s Airport System and beyond.  Our aim is to encourage every JAA employee to accept the responsibility for and to promote a culture of Fairness, Accountability, Integrity and Respect, towards each other and towards our tenants, vendors and traveling public.

The group was formed by the CEO Steve Grossman in August 2011 and charged with developing and implementing a new corporate culture system; the Cornerstone of Culture, including the F.A.I.R statement, was adopted and rolled out to JAA’s employees and Board of Directors in October 2011.

Culture Statement
The Cornerstone of Culture will promote the intent and meaning of the culture and ensure that it remains top of mind.

The Cornerstone of Culture’s primary objectives are to:

1.Ensure that the culture continues to thrive and remains in the forefront of everyday life at JAA; and
2.Develop fun and meaningful ways to keep the culture fresh amongst employees.

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