Procurement Code

The Jacksonville Aviation Authority (“JAA”) has adopted the following procurement rules, processes and procedures for the general purpose of: (i) ensuring that its purchases are fair, ethical, open and transparent; (ii) preventing abuses and favoritism; and (iii) promoting the most economical and effective use of its resources by procuring the highest quality of goods and services at the greatest economic value. By its implementation and compliance with this Procurement Code, JAA desires and will endeavor to inspire internal and public confidence that the commodities and contractual services needed to conduct its business are solicited and awarded in an equitable, efficient and economical manner.

Nothing contained herein shall prevent JAA from complying with applicable federal, state and local laws, ordinances, rules and regulations. Questions regarding the construction and/or applicability of this Procurement Code should be addressed to JAA’s Chief Compliance Officer or its Director of Procurement.


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