Noise Abatement

JAXEX strives to be a good neighbor to the community surrounding the airport. Part of that mission includes working with the community, pilots and tenants to mitigate noise generated from airport operations. 

Efforts by JAXEX staff to reduce noise impacts include: 

•Completing Federal Aviation Regulation Part-150 Noise and Land Use Compatibility Study

•Educating pilots and tenants on noise abatement procedures (NBAA and AOPA recommended procedures) as well as recommended flight paths at JAXEX

•Installing lighted airfield reminder (or “Fly Quiet”) signs on the approach ends of the runways 

•Providing a mechanism to report noise events

•Coordinating future development with local, state and federal agencies to ensure land-use compliance and compatibility 

•Keeping the community informed on airport operational activities and capital improvement projects

Reporting a Noise Event

Suspect an aircraft might be flying too low or too loud over your house? 

Report a Noise  

•Send an email to 

•Call the 24-hour hotline at 904-641-3606

•Log into the web-based flight tracking system (coming soon)

Once an event has been filed, JAXEX staff will investigate and follow-up. 

JAXEX’s Web-Based Flight Tracking System (coming soon)

This will be  a useful tool for the community to view local aviation activity (excluding military and law enforcement) and report noise incidents around all four airports. JAXEX staff will use the information to better monitor noise events and enhance our noise abatement program.  

Noise Reports

Quarterly Noise Reports for the current calendar year are available online here. Reports from past years are also available here as well.


Noise Contours for the JAXEX Safety Initiative

The following map compares current noise contours with contours projected for the year 2020 without a runway 

Click on the map above to download a high resolution copy of this map

This next map shows the difference between the 2020 noise contours with and without a runway extension.   

Click on the map above to download a high resolution copy of this map

For further information on JAXEX's Noise Abatement Program, please call the Compliance Office at (904) 641-3606 or e-mail the Compliance Specialist.


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