The Club JAX, the airport’s newest lounge, offers guests the chance to refresh, recharge, and replenish

May 15, 2019

Jacksonville International Airport’s latest venture, The Club JAX, is a secluded lounge tucked into the hustle and bustle of the airport. It offers travelers a variety of accommodations spread throughout different zones: a production zone with desks, a computer and printer, and ample power outlets; a relax zone with oversized chairs, dim lighting and tranquil music; a refresh zone with a private bathroom featuring a spa inspired shower; a kid’s zone with books, games, and an ipad; and a replenish zone outfitted with a full bar, buffet and snack bar. The menus feature local goods such as Manifest Citrus Vodka mixed into a First Coast Margarita (The Club JAX’s exclusive drink), brews from Engine 15, Green Room, and Veterans United, and a bites created by Black Sheep Restaurant Group’s Jon Insetta. The concept came to life with the help of Airport Lounge Development Inc. (ALD), an award-winning global provider of premium shared-use lounges. The Club JAX requires no membership, and is accessible no matter what class of airline ticket one has. Entry costs $40 (there are those who receive free or discounted entry), but once inside everything is complimentary.

By Emily Bailey


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