4. What is JAA doing to get more air service?

While as mentioned above, airports do not have much influence in an airline’s decision making process, there are a number of tools used by JAA staff to encourage airlines to start service in new markets.  JAA staff provides airline route planners with detailed information on the Jacksonville market that they might not be able to find in their usual data sources - such things as the business connections between the two cities or major events such as THE PLAYERS, One Spark and others that might bring people to Jacksonville from those markets.  JAA staff conducts numerous meetings each year with the airline route planners both in their corporate offices and also in Jacksonville.   JAA staff involves community and business leaders in these efforts to show the airline that the demand is there for the service.  JAA has also adopted an incentive program to attract new air service.  Certain fees can be waived for up to one year on domestic service and two years on international service to ensure that an airline has the best chance of making money on new routes.  Additionally, JAA will provide funds for marketing the new service and ensuring that the traveling public is aware that the service is available.  Airlines find this marketing assistance extremely valuable.  Once launched, it is up to the community to use the service to make it successful.  Airlines do not give new service a lot of time to prove itself.  After a number of months if the service is not well used the airline will pull it out and it will be that much more difficult to get it back.  That’s why it is extremely important for the community to support these new non-stop destinations.


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