3. Why doesn’t Jacksonville International Airport (JIA) have more long haul and international flights?

While there are many factors that an airline considers in deciding what routes to serve, two of the primary factors are how many people want to fly that route on a daily basis and how much money can the airline make on that flight.  Another important factor is that airlines like to make the most use of their hubs by funneling as much traffic as possible through the hub.  From a domestic perspective, JAA believes that there is enough demand in Northeast Florida to support long haul service to the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay areas.  JAA staff meets multiple times a year with representatives from the airlines to press for such service but airports do not have much influence in airline route decisions since the industry was deregulated in 1978.  From an international perspective, there currently is international service to Marsh Harbor in the Bahamas.  Additionally, JIA receives about 30 international flights a month on privately owned aircraft.  Future international service will likely come from other Caribbean, Central and South American destinations.  Demand for service to Europe and Asia will likely not reach the point where airline service is justified for many years.  It should be pointed out that from Jacksonville, a passenger can reach just about any major city in the world with one stop.


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