Airport Info (VQQ)

Cecil Airport/Airfield Information

cecil airport

Airport Coordinates:   N30?12.98’ W81?52.49’

Airport Elevation:  81 ft.

Communications:  ATIS  125.275
  GROUND  121.625
  TOWER/CTAF  126.1
  UNICOM  122.95

Ground Communications Outlet (GCO): 121.725  Used for communicating with Jax Approach (4 clicks) or Gainesville Flight Service Station (6 clicks).


 Both asphalt and concrete
 Four active runways, all served by full-length parallel taxiways

o  9L/27R – 4,300 feet long by 200 feet wide
o  9R/27L – 8,000 feet long by 200 feet wide
o  18L/36R – 12,500 feet long by 200 feet wide
o  18R/36L – 6,000 feet by 200 feet wide


Two outboard runways equipped with High Intensity Runway Lights (HIRL) and  Precision Approach Path Indicator Lights (PAPI)
Medium Intensity Approach Lighting System (MALSR) on Runways 9R and 36R
Runway End Identification Lights (REIL) on Runways 27L and 18L

Instrument Approaches

 ILS 36R (I-VQQ 109.5) 
 VOR 9R (VQQ 117.9)
 GPS 9R, 27L, 18L, 36R

Airport Services

 Full-service fixed based operator (FBO): Million Air
 24/7 Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Facility on site
 FAA Contract Air Traffic Control Tower

Airfield Features

 Compass Rose
 Wash Rack



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