Noise Reporting

The Jacksonville Aviation Authority (JAA) strives to be a good neighbor to the community surrounding each airport. Part of that mission includes working with the community, pilots and tenants to mitigate noise generated from airport operations. The JAA has no control over aircraft flight routes.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Air Traffic Control (ATC) is responsible for the safe and efficient management of the National Airspace System. ATC and pilots have final authority over aircraft operations.

JAA documents and responds to community noise comments providing operational and flight track information. Efforts to reduce noise impacts include:

•Completing Federal Aviation Regulation Part-150 Noise and Land Use Compatibility Study
•Educating pilots and tenants on noise abatement procedures (NBAA and AOPA recommended procedures) as well as recommended flight paths at JAXEX
•Installing lighted airfield reminder (or “Fly Quiet”) signs on the approach ends of the runways
•Providing a mechanism to report noise events
•Coordinating future development with local, state and federal agencies to ensure land-use compliance and compatibility
•Keeping the community informed on airport operational activities and capital improvement projects

Compatible Land Use
The City of Jacksonville Code of Ordinances Chapter 656, PART 10 implemented measures related to airports and adjacent lands. This part aims to reduce airport related noise exposure to sensitive land uses by establishing Airport Notice Zones within certain noise contours.

Noise Impact Comment 
Phone Number
Address Impacted
Time of Impact
Impact Event Description


Contact the JAA Noise Desk by phone at 904-741-2015 or email us at Please include the time, date, impacted address, and a brief description of the noise event along with an email address or phone number in order to receive a response. It is important to note that comments received without this information cannot be effectively responded to.


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