Strategic Agenda

Strategic Vision

The Jacksonville Aviation Authority is a major economic engine for the City of Jacksonville and the Northeast Florida region. As of 2016, the estimated economic impact of the Authority's assets is $3.2 billion and represents direct impacts and spending from all four of the Authority's airports as well as indirect and induced spending and jobs.

"The vision for the Jacksonville Aviation Authority (JAA) is to continue to grow as an economic engine through the provision of excellent air transportation services including passenger, air cargo and general aviation and the development of its property primarily for aviation related industrial, general light industrial and office as well as commercial uses.  The Authority will accomplish this by maintaining its assets in a first class manner and cooperating with the City of Jacksonville and other regional entities in attracting new businesses and services to its airports."

Five-Year Goals

The goals presented in this section represent both a continuation of annual goals previously used as well as a new goal related to customer service. Goals are not meant to reflect the everyday work of the Authority, they are aspirational in nature and provide direction as to where the Authority sees itself in five years. They tend to be more project-oriented in nature and they allow staff to focus the resources that are available after day-to-day functions are covered. The JAA five-year goals include:

  Development of Cecil Airport

•  Development of Cecil Spaceport

  Enhance Financial Stability of the JAA

  Process Improvement

  Customer Service Enhancements

To learn more about the JAA’s strategic vision and goals, download the entire document detailing them.

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