CecilAirport’s Conceptual Master Plan was designed to ensure the preservation andenhancement of it natural environment.  Conservation corridors, preservedwetlands, and greenspace are designated and set aside in perpetuity.


  • Conservation Corridor: 1,392.06 Acres
  • Wetland Preserve: 283.06 Acres
  • Wetland Creation along existing streams and drainage: 28.68 Acres
  • On-Site Storm water Ponds:  503.78 Acres



Theunspoiled land surrounding Cecil Airport has always been a rich source ofnatural beauty and a source of community pride. The Jacksonville AviationAuthority (JAA) and the City of Jacksonville (COJ) have already set aside areasof Cecil Airport for conservation.  They will continue to preserve andprotect the environmentally sensitive ecology at Cecil Airport as it isdeveloped.


GopherTortoise Mitigation Bank

As partof our ongoing efforts to ensure environmental sustainability, Cecil has setaside 230 onsite acres specifically for the relocation of gopher tortoises. We can currently accept tortoises from an area bordered by theFlorida-Georgia line to the north and an east-west line centered roughly onKissimmee to the south.  


Aminimum of five tortoises is required, and discounts for larger groups areavailable.  Please contact us for pricing and more details.


Formore information on gopher tortoises and the permitting/recipient site process,please visit FloridaFish and Wildlife Conservation Commission site.  Thispage also contains a link to check on Cecil’s occupancy.



TheRestoration Advisory Board (RAB) works in partnership with Cecil Airport onclean-up issues and related matters. RAB members are also expected to meet withcommunity members and groups to relay information about the cleanup programsand report public comments back to the RAB. They provide information,suggestions and community input that is used to make decisions on actions andproposed actions for the environmental cleanup program.