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Advisory Committee (CAAC)

In 2008, the Jacksonville Aviation Authority (JAA) established the Cecil Airport Advisory Committee (CAAC). The purpose of the committee is to provide an open and cooperative environment for the local community, businesses and groups.  It also provides an opportunity for the JAA staff to exchange information relating to the planning, development and operations of Cecil Airport

The committee is comprised of approximately 35 members.  Member representation encompasses neighborhood and civic groups located near the airport, local business groups, citizen associations and governmental appointees. Other associated members include Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), U.S. Navy and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The group meets quarterly on the second Monday of February, May, August and November at approximately 7 p.m. The meetingstructure begins with an open presentation by the JAA followed by group discussions. During the meeting, representatives from the city provide an update on Cecil Commerce Center.


For more information please contact Rusty Chandler at 904-573-1613 or email at