Public Info ITB 22-22-45133 - Emergency & Post-Disaster Equipment Rental

The awarded Respondent shall, on a primary basis with “first right of refusal,” maintain the following minimum equipment and make it available to JAA immediately upon request:
  1. Two (2) 2-megawatt (2MW) portable generators, and
  2. Four (4) 100-ton portable air conditioning units.


  1. JAA reserves the right to request more or less than the minimum quantities of the equipment listed above, but the Respondent shall only be obligated to maintain a minimum available inventory of those quantities and equipment items listed herein,
  2. JAA shall have first and priority access to the equipment and quantities listed above before any other client or potential client the Respondent may serve,
  3. Equipment provided shall be in good working order, free of defects and unrepaired recalls, safety hazards, or other impediments that might endanger personnel safety, property, or cause or contribute to the failure of the equipment to perform at maximum capacity,
  4. The Respondent shall provide an emergency contact number and be able to provide requested equipment within four (4) hours of JAA’s request, and
  5. The Respondent shall have a manager or supervisor who can respond 24/7, if required, to address any issues with service. Respondent shall agree to provide contact information for a manager or supervisor who can be reached 24/7.