Public Info ITB 22-18-45133 - Tree Trimming & Removal Services
JAA anticipates selecting a Respondent to provide tree trimming and as-needed tree removal services at the Jacksonville International Airport (JAX). Among all trees needing service, there are approximately 110 oak trees around the airport, along with others that will require service on an as-needed basis. During the course of the Contract, JAA anticipates the need to remove entire trees on an as-needed basis. During the contract term, JAA may elect to award additional tree trimming services for other airports within the airport system. JAA reserves the right to obtain tree trimming or removal services from other companies or award multiple contracts from this solicitation, at its sole discretion.

SCOPE OF WORK – MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS The awarded Respondent shall be responsible for services to include, but not limited to, the following:
A. Supply all necessary labor, equipment, tools and supplies for the execution for the completion of services at the Airport,
B. Trim trees to give a uniform and consistent canopy appearance. All trees hanging over roadways must be trimmed to Florida’s Department of Transportation (DOT) specifications,
C. All trees must have adequate clearance from signs, roads, and lights,
D. Cleanup removal of all cut limbs and other debris from the work site each day worked, leaving the general area in clean condition and acceptable conditions according to JAA Inspector,
E. All tree work shall be done in accordance with the most current versions of ANSI Z133.1, safety requirements as well as the most recent edition of the ANSI 300 Standards for Tree Care Operators, and
F. All work that requires the use of public streets shall be done in accordance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and ordinances related to maintenance of traffic (MOT).