Jacksonville Executive At Craig Airport

INSTRUCTIONS: We are requesting your voluntary assistance to complete the following Pilot “Good Neighbor” Pledge and return the bottom portion to:

Jacksonville Aviation Authority,
855-1 St. John’s Bluff Road, Suite 500,
Jacksonville, FL 32225

There has been growing concern in our community about aviation activity negatively impacting the quality of life of our neighbors. These neighbors need to know that pilots using JAXEX care about the community surrounding the airport, and pledge to operate with consideration for residents concerned about noise and low flying aircraft. This Pledge was developed to increase awareness of our voluntary noise abatement procedures and the need to “fly neighborly.” A positive commitment by our pilots to operate as responsibly as possible, and to follow recommended noise abatement guidelines, demonstrate that pilots flying in and out of JAXEX have a stake in the community and are dedicated to safely reducing noise impacts.

More information is available at www.FLYJAXEX.com. For questions or suggestions, please contact James Moffitt, Noise Abatement Office, Jacksonville Executive at Craig Airport at (904) 641-7666.

Thank you for your Pledge and Commitment to “flying neighborly.” AS A PILOT WHO IS CONCERNED ABOUT BEING A GOOD NEIGHBOR, MY GOAL IS TO:

  • Safely operate aircraft in a responsible and courteous manner;
  • Seek to learn and follow noise abatement procedures;
  • Fly at the highest and safest altitudes, and avoid training activity over congested and residential areas;
  • Follow AOPA Noise Awareness Steps and manufacturer’s noise abatement procedures whenever consistent with safety;
  • Demonstrate your commitment to the Craig Airport and its surrounding community by educating other pilots about the importance of noise abatement.
  • Please complete and return this form to: Jacksonville Aviation Authority, 855-1 St. John’s Bluff Road, Suite 500. Jacksonville, FL 32225.

    This Pledge is not legally binding. Its purpose is to show that pilots (1) are sensitive to the community’s concerns, and (2) support Craig Airport’s role as a good neighbor.

    I currently hold the following type of pilot certificate(s)

    I own an aircraft

    Based at (Airport Name)

    I mostly fly

    I have viewed or will view the Craig Airport Website for updates and information on the airport including the voluntary noise abatement program information and pilot outreach communication: www.FLYJAXEX.com

    Full Name


    **Please note that under Florida's very broad public records law, e-mail communication to and from the Jacksonville Aviation Authority is subject to public disclosure. **