A Look at the Past, Present and Future!

Cecil Airport and its facilities have served this community with distinction for over 70 years.  The airport has a rich and long tradition of aviation history.  Starting out as a Naval Auxiliary Air Station (NAAS) in 1941, the main mission was military flight training.  Today, Cecil Airport supports high tech systems and aviation training, governmental and civilian aviation operations and aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul activities.  Through the years, most of the airport facilities and infrastructure have been revived and are a productive part of the airport today.    

Completed in 1942, Hangar 13 provided a base of aviation training, maintenance, and operations.  As seen in this 1955 photo, military aircraft were stored and serviced in the hangar.  Today the hangar is leased by the Department of Homeland Security and serves as a base of aviation operations for the U.S. Coast Guard.

Jacksonville JetPort, Inc. (JJP) is the airports Fixed Base Operator (FBO, provides aviation services to the tenants and operators of the airport).  JJP recently completed the construction of a new 14,500 square foot corporate hangar.  With this construction, an important milestone was achieved; while this hangar is the fifth new hangar since JAA ownership in 1999, it is the first one built using private funding and not FAA, FDOT or JAA dollars.  Within one month of being completed, the hangar was fully leased to several corporate and private aircraft owners.  This hangar facility provides a combination of office, workshop and hangar storage.

Future expectations for Cecil Airport are high!  From spaceport development to new aviation facilities the airport is poised to be an economic engine fueled by aviation companies from around the nation in need of a larger industrial airport with the right mix of location, business climate, and a skilled work force.  KCI Aviation, a perfect example of these types of companies, selected the airport to become their company’s third national location.  The Jacksonville Aviation Authority is committed to continued developments and building successful business partnerships.