Public Notices

New Posting Requirements (added pursuant to new Procurement Code, dated October 1, 2013)

-Seven-Day Posting of Standardization Requests 
-Seven-Day Posting for Piggy-Backing Requests
Seven-Day Posting of Sole Source and Proprietary Purchase Requests
Five-Day Posting for Category “D” Informal Solicitation Requests
10-Day Posting for Category “E” Informal Solicitation Requests    

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*    The above posting requirements are added as part of JAA’s New Procurement Code and do not include advertising requirements for formal solicitations as described in sections 2.02(N) and (Y) of the Code.

List of Public Notices
Item Number Title
AC2017-12-07 Utilizing the National IPA Technology Solutions Contract 130733, awarded to CDW-G, for video monitors. Cost: $50,715.00 EASE equipment awarded to Amadeus Airport IT Americas, Inc. Not to exceed amount: $92,462.70 PA Maintenance awarded to Innovative Electronic Design (IED) Not to exceed amount: $166,361.20 On-site Network Support awarded to Enterprise Integration Not to exceed amount: $264,960
AC2017-12-02 Utilization of Sole Source for Airport Service Quality Survey Main Program awarded to Airports Council International in the Not to Exceed amount of $18,600.
TBA-Requisition Utilizing copyright historical photots from Aero-Pic Photography per Procurement Code §3.09 in an not-to exceed amount of $9,110.00.