Public Info RFQ 2203-31001 - Other Post-Employment Benefit (OPEB) Evaluation Services

The Jacksonville Aviation Authority (“JAA”) is seeking a company to provide the services as defined in the “Scope of Services – Minimum Requirements” below. As part of the scope of services contemplated by this solicitation, the successful Respondent will be required to provide a quotationfor all costs, labor, materials, fees, and/or equipment necessary to accomplish the Scope of Services.


The awarded Respondent shall be responsible for services to include, but not limited to, the following:
  1. Prepare an actuarial valuation for JAA’s OPEB according to current Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) statements, guidance, and requirements, and
  2. The valuation shall include the plans for health, dental, and life for approximately 249 current employees and 32 retired employees. Calculations shall be in accordance with current GASB statements, guidance, and requirements, shall provide the OPEB liability, annual required contribution, projected future benefit payments, and any other necessary or required annual reporting information specified by GASB.The Respondent is responsible for the provision of services that include but are not limited to, all materials, consumables, supervision and all other actual or potential resources and expenses necessary to perform the services as requested in this RFQ.