Public Info RFQ 1908-44302 Security Gate & Operator Replacement at JaxEx

The Jacksonville Aviation Authority (JAA) is seeking a company to the services as defined in the “Scope of Services, Minimum Requirements” stated below. As part of the scope of services contemplated by this solicitation, the successful Respondent will be required to provide an estimate of costs for the labor, materials and/or equipment necessary to remedy, repair and/or replace items of work that it identifies as requiring the same. 


For the purpose of RFQ No. 1908-44302, the following terms are used interchangeably: a) “Bid” and “Quotation”; b) “Contractor” and “Respondent”.




At a minimum, the Respondent shall provide services to include, but are not limited to the services listed below.


·        Removal and Disposal of existing gate and operator.


·        Replacement of the aluminum Cantilever Security Gate and Gate Operator with the following components:

v  18 ft. Opening  X 7' high plus 3 strands of barbed wire

v  9GA Chain link fabric

v  New Hysecurity Slide Driver 15 Hydraulic Gate Operator


·        Removal of current chain link fence.


·        Provide and install new chain link fence. Fence will have the following dimensions:

v  Approximately 40 ft. long

v  7 ft. high

v  3 strands of barbed wire

v  9GA chain link fabric


The Respondent is responsible for the provision of services that include but are not limited to, all material, consumables, installation, testing, labor, equipment, tools, supervision and all other resources and expenses necessary to perform the services as requested in this RFQ.